Our core business since its inception to the present day - freight forwarding services. Despite constantly shifting market conditions, the economic situation, legislation, our the goals and objectives of the company remained unchanged - to grow and improve to be the best.

We learned a lot, have achieved a lot and now "Arista" Ltd owns its private vehicle park and has also been involved in transporting dangerous goods and goods of high value (the license of a customs carrier). We have years of experience in transporting our customers goods over long distances.

As an active member of ASMAP, company Arista carries out international freight delivery using both own and partners transport, with an annual turnover reaching more than 30 thousand tons.

“We are constantly increasing volumes of cargo, delivery range and variety of related services, We pay special attention to the care of our customers and the quality of service is guaranteed by high professionalism of every employee of our company, as well as the presence of our own transport.”

Kind regards,
Evgeniy Kuleshenko

Our Services

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Freight delivery

to/from European countries, Russia, Baltic and CIS countries (all types of transport)

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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CMR Cargo Insurance

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Freight Forwarder Insurance

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Customs and warehouse services

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Location Control along the whole route

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Optimal delivery scheme and payment

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Freight Forwarding